Resident DJs

Open Format 



    • I love Rumor because  – The energy is like nothing I’ve seen in the city!
    • Best part of DJ’ing – Supplying the soundtrack to everyone’s evening. Such a rush.
    • Pet-Peeve – I don’t mind playing your request, just please don’t tell me to play it NEXT!
    • Favorite DJ’s – DJ AM | DJ Vice | DJ Jazzy Jeff
    • Never Fail Tracks – Be Faithful – Fatman Scoop | Ni**as in Paris – Jay-Z & Kanye | Clarity – Zedd
    • Biggest Moment – Any time I’ve had the privilege to play alongside a DJ I’ve looked up to while growing up.
    • Most Embarrassing Moment – Every single time the music cuts out unexpectedly. UGH!


    • I love Rumor because  – Big room talent inside an intimate, modest sized club.
    • Best part of DJ’ing – I can drink at work!
    • Pet-Peeve – Shitty weather outside.
    • Favorite DJ’s – DJ Craze | A-Trak | TC
    • Never Fail Tracks – None of the tracks I play ever fail me…
    • Biggest Moment – The last Saturday I played at Rumor. That’s as far back as I can remember.
    • Most Embarrassing Moment – Placing 2nd place at the Red Bull Thr3estyle Regional Qualifier in 2015.


    • I love Rumor because  – Its always fresh and innovative. Not to mention the awesome staff and sound system.
    • Best part of DJ’ing – I have the opportunity to make people dance and feel happy with the creativity of my music.
    • Pet-Peeve – Getting poked in the side with a request for the biggest song of the moment.
    • Favorite DJ’s – Mixmaster Mike | DJ Craze | Jay Ski
    • Never Fail Tracks – Be Faithful – Fatman Scoop | Party Up – DMX | All I Do Is Win – DJ Khaled
    • Biggest Moment – DJ’ing the Grammy after-party in Hollywood at Club Kress.
    • Most Embarrassing Moment – Pre-gaming too hard with Raekwon of the Wu-tang Clan.


    • I love Rumor because  – The energy and the crowd! They are party animals, also the staff.
    • Best part of DJ’ing – Being able to share what I feel when I play a song, with a whole crowd.
    • Pet-Peeve – When I’m not being given the chance to play a requested song, and being asked again 2 minutes later.
    • Favorite DJ’s – DJ AM | Qbert | A-Trak
    • Never Fail Tracks – Be Faithful – Fatman Scoop | Party up – DMX  | We Found Love – Rihanna
    • Biggest Moment – DJ’ing world renown Club Heat in Montpellier, France.
    • Most Embarrassing Moment – Forgetting the power cord for my Macbook Pro.


    • I love Rumor because  – It’s just an all around proper club! Lights, sound system & vibes.
    • Best part of DJ’ing – Watching the dance floor start to bubble earlier in the night!
    • Pet-Peeve – No response from a new track that EVERYONE will be requesting constantly in about a week or two.
    • Favorite DJ’s – Cosmobaker | Diplo | Dirty South Joe
    • Never Fail Tracks – No Letting Go – Wayne Wonder | Work It – Missy Elliott | Calabria 2007 – Enur
    • Biggest Moment – DJ’ing a party with Diplo, MIA, Bun B and Spankrock in the basement of a Ukrainian social club.
    • Most Embarrassing Moment – Playing “Rich Girl” by Hall & Oates instead of the dancehall “Rich Girl” by Mickie One.            Wait… That was actually my best moment.




    • I love Rumor because  – The vibe. People continually come to enjoy their night and hear new music.
    • Best part of DJ’ing – Being able to control everyone’s vibes and mood for the night.
    • Pet-Peeve – Broken equipment and rude people.
    • Favorite DJ’s – Tiesto | Deorro | Sander Van Doorn
    • Never Fail Tracks – Insomnia – Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano Remix | Bad – David Guetta | Stereo Love
    • Biggest Moment – Playing a sold out show at Soundgarden Hall.
    • Most Embarrassing Moment – Anytime I can’t seem to get a crowd moving or dancing.


    • I love Rumor because  – The vibe! People are there to have fun, and it shows.
    • Best part of DJ’ing – The entire night hinges on me. I have to be on point for the party to go off. Love the pressure!
    • Pet-Peeve – Someone trying to speak to me while I’m mixing. Let me work!
    • Favorite DJ’s – Stimming | Nick Curly | Sonja Moonear
    • Never Fail Tracks – Rotate – Mihai Popoviciu | Dynamo – Oliver Lieb | Microshit – (Reelow Remix)
    • Biggest Moment – Playing the sunrise set at Flying Circus in the mountains of Ensenada.
    • Most Embarrassing Moment – Becoming too drunk and playing the same track four times in one set.